The End

The Argosgirl Chronicles is coming to an end. But for those of you who might actually enjoy what I write, don’t worry, I am carrying on under a slightly different name at a self-hosted site – Argosgirl Outdoors.

Why the change? Well, I found that the name, The Argosgirl Chronicles, was quite a tongue-twister and people had no idea what it represented. I felt Argosgirl Outdoors was a little easier to remember and better represents the theme of the blog, and it should be a lot easier for people to find and remember the URL As well, I wanted more control over the design of the blog. Had I realized what a headache this would cause for me, I may not have gone through with it! Then again, I’m stubborn and rather pig-headed so once the idea got into my head, I wouldn’t let it go. It took several attempts in the wrong direction before I finally got everything switched over.

In the end, I’m happy to make the change. There’s a new name, a new logo, and a new website. You will actually find that the new website looks just like this one, as I chose to give myself a bit of a break and get used to the new setup before jumping into large design changes.

What does it mean for my readers? If you would like to continue getting updates with the latest posts, you will need to subscribe to the new blog. I’ve tried to include lots of options in the side bar for following along. If they don’t work properly, please let me know. Facebook and Twitter links will remain the same.

On Argosgirl Outdoors you will also notice more input from Darrell. Instead of just reading posts written by myself, readers of the new blog will notice posts from time-to-time that Darrell has written. Since he has a better grasp on techniques, and far more experience, I think my readers will enjoy this added bonus.

Thank you to everyone that has stopped by The Argosgirl Chronicles since I started it. I never imagined that people would actually read my posts, and I never realized I would meet so many wonderful people through this blog. I can’t tell you much it brightens my day every time someone comments on a post or clicks the like button. I can’t wait to connect with you through the new blog!

Rebecca (a.k.a. Argosgirl)